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Jesus Christ

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Sunday Morning Worship

this week


Sunday 2 October 2016 @ 11am led by

Rev Kathryn Viner 


God confronting us

I Samuel 25





Noticing God

Often the most familiar things around us can become the least noticed. We can drive or walk past somewhere hundreds of times but we may have never noticed a particular feature about that place. It can be like that with our faith in God.   Yet Scripture tells us ‘God is with us’ always (e.g. Joshua 1v5-6/ Psalm 23/Psalm 139/ Matthew 1v23 or 28v20/ John 14v16-17) but we can easily go through a day without NOTICING GOD. We often hear the question, especially in the midst of catastrophic events, ‘where is God?’ But the same question can be asked in the midst of our ordinary daily routines. Yet it should be the question that we want to answer every day of our lives so we do not live a single day without being aware of God or responsive to God.

This year (2016-17) we want to challenge ourselves to become better at NOTICING GOD in our lives and encouraging others when we notice God there also. 



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Harvest - Sunday 9th October

We need:  flowers, small pot plants, fruit and vegetables

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